ND Yag Laser – Excel V

Precision Skin Treatment

What is Nd: Yag 1064

An ND Yag Laser is a unique laser (with a neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet crystal medium) and a wavelength of 1064 nm. It is capable of reaching deeper layers of the skin to treat various conditions. The ND Yag laser is a high energy laser that produces heat beneath the skin to destroy diseased cells.

ND Yag lasers are used to treat acne and rosacea, to shrink pores, treat warts, fungus & molluscum contagiosum.Also used to tighten the skin, NDYAG does this by helping stimulate collagen production- the basis of effective anti-aging procedures. .In addition it can do deep-level treatment of redness, age spots, pigmentation, blemishes, brown spots and can even be used to flatten and shrink scars.ND Yag laser treatment repairs the skin, versus simply resurfacing the skin, and lengthens the time between treatments for chronic conditions.

For Rosacea, ND Yag significantly reduces the symptoms, and depending on your skin care regimen, may produce results that last from 6 months up to three years. While the results of rosacea laser treatment can dramatically improve the symptoms, it cannot cure rosacea itself.

LaserMedica employs ND Yag in one of the best treatment options available today: the Cutera Excel V laser.

“The use of lasers has really helped take acne and rosacea treatments to the next level.  I often combine laser treatments with chemical peels, and medical grade products to get the best results I can for my patients.”

Procedure Time:  30 – 60 minutes.

Number of Sessions: Depending on the severity of acne or rosacea 3 to 7 treatments are needed to see results. 

Before the Procedure: Shave the treatment area if there is dark or course hair. Skin is cleansed and skin is cooled.

During the Procedure: The skin will feel a sensation of warmth and a little snap with each pulse of the laser, followed by immediate cooling.  No anesthetic is needed.

After the Procedure: The skin may look mildly red and a bit swollen and this resolves in 15 to 30 minutes generally. 

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