Testimonials from our patients

“Exceptional Assessment and Treatment”

“When I decided to seek treatment to address some sun damage and Rosacea (blemishes) on my face and scalp, I consulted with several aesthetics spas and Laser/light clinics but I found the most knowledgeable staff and most attentive doctor at LaserMedica.

They assessed my skin and put me at ease with a realistic and affordable dermedic plan. With the right IPL technology, the treatment regimen and follow up I’ve had excellent results with fewer treatments than I had originally expected.”

June F |  Laser Genesis

“An amazing treatment!”

“A slight pinch is all that I felt with each vein-eliminating light pulse from the Yag laser, and the varicose veins – some of which were medium in size – instantly shriveled up and disappeared. There was very little bruising, and almost no discomfort.
Without a doubt it was an amazing treatment and the clinic was very pleasant, too.

On top of this, I walked in there and was back out 30 minutes later! Dr. Filyk is extremely knowledgeable, considerate and professional.”

Scott J |  ND Yag – Excel V Laser

“Caring and attentive”

“Last year, I decided to treat myself to laser hair removal. After the end of my treatments, all my thick, dark hair on my legs and bikini area were eliminated. I am so pleased with the results. I did not feel pain, did not get any redness, and now I do not have those red bumps anymore. Now I shave only once in a while to remove an isolated hair. I recommend that you too explore laser hair removal.

Lastly, Dr. Filyk was so caring and attentive to my needs. She was so careful and made sure I did not experience pain. Pamper yourself with laser hair removal!”

Christine S |  Laser Hair Removal