Surgical Procedures

Most minor dermal surgical procedures are done with local anesthetic quickly and without the need for any sedation or overnight stay.  Advances in surgical techniques and related technologies have made many minor surgeries less invasive; sometimes lasers or electrocautery, rather than scalpels, are used to cut tissue.

Any surgical procedure that does not involve anesthesia or respiratory assistance during the surgical procedure may be classified as a minor surgery.  There are many conditions that can be treated quickly and easily by:

  • electro cauterization with electrical diathermy (Example: Warts destruction)
  • shaved excision (Example: superficial mole)
  • punch biopsy (Example: small mole biopsy)
  • elliptical excision (Example: Mole biopsy)

Procedure Time:  30 minutes to 1 hour

Number of Sessions: typically one consultation, one procedural appointment and one follow-up appointment

Before the Procedure:  There are not restrictions as to what you can eat or drink the night before and on the day of your minor surgery. Please note do not bring children to the clinic the day of your surgical procedure.  Medication If you take aspirin or prescription anticoagulants (blood thinners), speak with your GP or surgeon 2 weeks before your surgery . Take regular precription medications. Please stop your multivitamins about 1 week before surgery.  Patients should bathe or shower and shampoo their hair the evening before or morning of their surgery. Please do not use hair spray, gel or mousse in your hair.  If you have a fever, or symptoms or infection, sometimes we may need to postpone the surgery please talk to our office to notify us. 

During the Procedure:  Minor surgeries are typically pain free, aside from the slight pinch when a local anesthetic is applied, and can be performed in 60 – 90 minutes depending on the condition being treated.

After the Procedure:  The procedure is done under local anesthesia; you will be able to drive home after.




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