Enhance Natural Beauty & Confidence

As your body’s largest organ, your skin plays an integral role in your physical health.  Just as importantly, your skin’s appearance is inextricably tied to your mental and emotional health. Living a full and prosperous life can often be influenced by maintaining healthy and more youthful looking skin.  Calgary is a beautiful place with an extreme climate and high altitude where your skin experiences more UV radiation and sudden temperature changes so it can be a challenge to avoid skin damage over time. There are effective strategies to combine the effects of environmental damage to our skin and LaserMedica can best assist you in developing a dermedic plan unique to you as your skin is.

Don’t Let Minor Imperfections Stand In Your Way

LaserMedica specializes in treating a wide variety of common skin conditions using a range of proven treatments and procedures including Medical, Cosmetic and in less common cases- minor Surgery. This is a clinic with comprehensive knowledge and highly experienced doctors and other medical and aesthetic professionals

When seeking information about your condition and the appropriate treatment and treatment provider, it is vital that you consider the training and accreditation behind the myriad choices available to you.

At LaserMedica, we strive to ensure you are both fully informed and receive proper care before, during and after any treatment you may select.  Our standards are rooted in comprehensive family medical health care and we genuinely believe this distinguishes both our services and our patients’ experiences.

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