Laser Rosacea Treatment

There are a variety of medical treatments for Rosacea including topical and oral medication as well as laser treatment. During your skincare consultation, a detailed skin analysis will take place and a personalized program will be created for your treatment.

Treatment Options: Laser vein removal, laser Limelight, and Laser Yag ND1064 are the three laser treatments involved in laser Rosacea. Treatments for Rosacea are regarded as a type of cosmetic medical treatment.

It’s important to have realistic expectations about what cosmetic treatment can achieve. While treatment can certainly improve the appearance of your scars, it can’t get rid of them completely.

After treatment for acne scarring, most people notice a 50-75% improvement in their appearance.

Laser treatment can be used to treat mild to moderate acne scarring.

There are two types of laser treatment for Rosacea:

Ablative laser treatment –

Erbium Yag-CO2 Laser or Laser  Pearl Fractional to achieve Total Resurfacing of the skin for severe scars where lasers are used to remove skin around the scar to produce a new, smooth-looking area of skin. The procedure would be it felt like pin sized shots of heat to your face 15 at a time that later heals and contracts to decrease the size of the sca, the down time is about 7 days. The whole procedure takes around 3 hours. Non-ablative laser treatment –

For mild to Moderate acne scars where lasers are used to stimulate the growth of new collagen (a type of protein found in skin), which helps to repair some of the damage caused by scarring, and improves the appearance.

Laser genesis ,

Laser limelight and

Laser NDYAG -1064

It is always important to choose a skilled clinic to perform any laser treatments. At LaserMedica, a medical doctor and staff with experience in the field carry out treatments. We have successfully treated hundreds of patients with a variety of complex skin types and conditions. Also, we are amongst some of very few in the Calgary area with the experience and skills required to successfully treat patients with darker skin. Benefits of laser therapy are no downtime and no side effects as well as long-lasting results.

Cutera Excel V Laser  Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – LimeLight Laser

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser treatments have been found highly effective in the treatment of rosacea, as well as other conditions like melanoma (redness). IPL treatments for rosacea significantly reduce the symptoms, and depending on your skin care regimen, may produce results that last from 6 months up to three years. One of the best treatment options available today is the Cutera Excel V IPL Laser. While the results of rosacea laser treatment can dramatically improve the symptoms, it cannot cure rosacea itself. Sometimes a combination of Excel V IPL treatment and salicylic acid peel treatments can most effectively reduce the symptoms for longer periods of time. 

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