Sun Damage

Photoaging and Melasma

What causes this?

Sun damage is among the most common afflictions we face as we grow older. Over time, the sun’s UV rays damage your skin tissue, causing loss of elasticity and the appearance of premature aging. Repeated and prolonged exposure to UV radiation that is responsible for the appearance of aging of the skin is called Photoaging and is more common to people with light skin.

Sun-Induced Melasma can be caused by even the slightest hint of the sun’s UV rays entering skin prone to melasma and causing melanocytes to produce too much melanin, darkening the skin in some areas. People of Hispanic, North African, African American, Mediterranean, Indian, and Asian descent are more likely to develop melasma.


After sun exposure, irregularly shaped spots of darker pigment than the surrounding skin (hyper pigmented macules) can form with the colour varying from ash blue to light brown to dark brown. These areas of sun damage can appear anywhere on the face or body that has received sun exposure.

Treatment Options

There is a simple, non-invasive treatment that only causes mild discomfort that disappears in seconds.

  • Laser Pigmentation Treatments typically target sunspots – dark spots created when your skin produces excessive melanin in response to prolonged sun exposure. These sunspots are actually the effort of the body to protect itself from further damage, but result in unsightly sunspots. Almost everyone gets sun spots as they age, but sun spots can be treated successfully with laser.
  • Chemical Peels: This method of evenly distributing melanin and removing the layer of skin with the most sun damage uses caustic chemical substances. Although it sounds painful, this method of treatment results in both skin tightening and removal of damage as an added bonus. The feelings of discomfort are minor and the end result or gorgeous skin is definitely worth it.

LaserMedica now offers sun spot removal with laser techniques that can be customized for your skin tone and skin condition.Laser Pigmentation treatments can treat both low and high contrast pigmentation, which makes it an excellent option to remove sunspots of all levels.




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