Baggy or Puffy Eyes

With age, muscles around the eyes weaken slightly, although some people display more puffiness under the eyes due to hereditary reasons..

The weakening of muscle tissue around the eyelids causes the ‘saggy’ or ‘puffy’ appearance under the eyes which are often referred to as “bags”. Also, the swelling may be emphasized by an accumulation of fluid under the eyes. A shift of tissue to a lower position under the eyes can expose the blood vessels under the eyes, giving the appearance of dark circles.


The symptoms are self evident (loose skin, mild swelling, darker circles) and should not cause any physical pain or discomfort.

Treatment Options

Eyelid surgery involves the surgeon cutting in the natural crease below the lower lashes, redistributing excess fat and/or muscle tissue, and excess skin. Then, the surgeon stitches the skin back together with tiny dissolvable stitches along the eyes natural crease on inside the lower eyelid. These are usually outpatient procedures which means they quick and there will be no need for a patient to remain in the hospital overnight.

There are cosmetic procedures that can completely rejuvenate the look of one’s eyes altogether, including:

  • chemical peels or fillers
  • laser resurfacing

These procedures are effective in tightening the skin under the eyes to reduce the appearance of puffiness.

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Baggy or Puffy Eyes can be effectively treated with the following procedures: