Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Over the years, the weakening of our facial muscles – especially the muscles that depress and elevate the eyebrow – can lead to the sagging appearance of the eyebrows. Often times, this can lead to a countenance that appears more angry instead of at ease.

The nose is another facial structure that is vital to your facial symmetry. Cartilage, unlike bones, continue to grow with age so the shape of your nose – including the arch, size, or droop of your nose will shift throughout the years.

Many people consider getting lip enhancements to acquire a less droopy smile, more plump lips, and a younger looking mouth.


Once you reach the point where you’re feeling anxious or self conscious about your appearance in general or a particular element of your facial structure in particular, it may be time to consider a treatment to address the area of concern.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

  • Brow: Non-surgical brow lifts involve using botulinum toxin in an injection to add elevation to the eyebrows.  Considerable training and skill is required to achieve the precise results that ensure deep and enduring satisfaction with the procedure.
  • Nose and Jaw: Non-surgical methods of shaping the nose and jaw involve using dermal fillers. Qualified personnel can skillfully address the areas you want filled or lifted, and there is no recovery period so that you can resume your daily routine immediately.
  • Lip: JUVÉDERM can be used to offer volume to the lips using a naturally occurring bodily chemical called Hyaluronic Acid to encourage collagen production and deliver increased elasticity and reduce wrinkles. This procedure can be completed in less than one hour.




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