Thinning Eyelashes

What Causes Sparse Eyelashes?

Thinning eyelashes are an unfortunate part of the aging process, but if you’re noticing significantly fewer lashes than normal, you may have a condition called eyelash hypotrichosis.  Hypotrichosis refers to a condition characterized by a lack of hair growth, and eyelash hypotrichosis is another name for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes. It can be congenital (from birth) or can occur as a result of the following:

  • aging
  • improper use of eyelash curlers
  • hormone conditions
  • chronic inflammation of the eyelash follicles (blepharitis) due to illness
  • poor makeup removal technique
  • improperly applied eyelash extensions
  • allergies to the glue used to apply extensions, or
  • reactions to certain cosmetics.


Short, sparse or light-coloured eyelashes.

Treatment Options

Dramatically longer, darker and fuller lashes can make an already attractive face look gorgeous, and they do not have to be an illusion you achieve by applying false eyelashes. Instead, it is now possible to treat your sparse eyelashes and grow beautiful longer and fuller lashes in only 1-3 months, with the aid of prescription medication developed by a pharmaceutical leader in eyecare products – Allergan.

LaserMedica can prescribe the LATISSE Eyelash Treatment, by Allergan. It’s a highly effective, FDA-approved eyelash growth treatment, to assist our patients in treating sparse or insufficient eyelashes regardless of whether they are short, or sparse, or both.




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