At LaserMedica we employ a variety of advanced laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments to correct and minimize sun damage, skin discoloration, rosacea, varicose/facial veins, sagging skin and large pores. Additionally, we provide laser treatments that help repair and reduce acne scars, birthmarks, excessive razor bumps and eliminate toenail fungus.

We also offer injectable neuromodulators and dermal fillers as well as treatments for non-surgical jaw reshaping, temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) pain, migraines, non-surgical rhinoplasty, facial wrinkle reduction and facial soft lifts.

Dr. Zoe Filyk


LaserMedica is owned and operated by Dr. Zoe Filyk. Dr. Filyk has extensive experience with family medicine, minor surgery and dermedics and is one of only a handful of General Practitioners in Canada to have earned Board Certification with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), North America’s highest level of Aesthetic Medicine education and certification.
Dr. Filyk believes that physical health, appearance and mental well-being are inextricably linked. By helping her patients achieve their overall desired physical and mental health goals, she knows that she helps them maintain a more positive, confident outlook on life.


Trust only a Board-Certified Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner

Your health is your most precious possession, so it’s essential to choose a doctor who has the proper training and experience. Dr. Zoe Filyk is a leader in her community- training medical students and resident doctors at her clinic, and having practiced both family and aesthetic medicine for over 13 years.